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The Original Cochlear Implant Headband

Hearinghenry is a tried and tested headband that keeps Cochlear Implants safe and secure on your childs head. No stress, no Fuss, simple to use. Once you put the Hearinghenry headband on, you can relax and enjoy the precious moments with your child.


Flat & Modern Design

The headband is designed to be flat and secures the processor and coil directly to the headband, meaning everything stays together in one piece.

Ready when you are!

Putting the headband on your child's head is fast and easy! No more fiddling with hooks and cords. From about 4 years old your child can even put the headband on by themselves!

Australian Made

Our headbands are carefully handmade in Australia, the result is a high quality product that we are proud of!

Perfect For Active Kids

Stop worrying about CI parts flying off the headband lets kids of all ages be active and play without boundaries.

Durable Fabric

We select the best quality fabrics for our headbands to ensure they are durable and withstand the tests of daily use in everyday life.

Available in 27 different Colours!

We went all out to give you the best variety of colours and styles we could. From blue, pink, yellow, red, grey, black, orange, plus our special collection of military, stars, dots, flowers and much, much more!

What others are saying...

S.B, Pennsylvania, United States

“Received our headbands and I can’t say enough. They have made my son’s life and our life so much easier. I was almost in tears by day 2 and then I found your website and the headbands….can’t thank you enough.”

MM, Northern Territory, Australia

“Thanks so much for the great headbands, they really do help keep the cochlears on… We love all the different colours and that we can coordinate the headband with his outfit.“

L.S, Alaska, United States

“Thank you! We have 3 boys with implants. These headbands are simple to use and brilliant in design for active implant users. Congrats to you for coming up with an awesome at home product.”

Children in over 35 counties trust us..

The hearinghenry headbands are designed to keep cochlear implants on our babies and toddlers, so they cannot be pulled off by wandering, curious fingers! Designed by a mum who has been there – and is still there. The hearinghenry products save you from the frustration and despair as you fight to keep your child’s devices on. The aim is to make your life easier, and give your child better outcomes in developing speech and language, by giving them exposure to sound every waking moment.

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